Audi parking system*

The Audi parking system provides all-round assistance for parking and manoeuvring. The system detects obstacles the driver cannot see, gives reliable warnings and even looks for a suitable parking space – a great help in all cramped parking situations.

Any gap will do: the Audi parking system makes parking easier whatever the traffic and warns the driver of unseen obstacles close to the vehicle. Depending on the chosen specification, the system monitors the area behind the vehicle or in front of and behind it. If the car approaches an object during manoeuvring, a tone signals to the driver that the vehicle is heading towards an obstacle.

Up to eight ultrasonic sensors integrated into the bumpers detect the distance to the obstacle and feed their measurements to the control unit. As soon as the distance decreases to less than 120 centimetres in front of the vehicle or less than 160 centimetres behind it, an intermittent signal sounds. If the distance falls to less than 30 centimetres, the signal becomes a continuous tone.

The sensors are mounted on the bumpers in a barely visible flat configuration. Tone emitters are built into the dash panel and the rear shelf. At speeds above 15 km/h the system is automatically deactivated. The system can also be switched off with a button – for instance in dense stop-and-go traffic.

Always finding a space: the park assistance system** (including hill hold assist) uses 10 ultrasonic sensors to search for suitable parking spaces beside the road – and does so while driving by at up to 30 km/h. Once a space has been found, the system calculates the ideal parking path and completes the parking manoeuvre almost automatically: the driver just has to accelerate and brake while the vehicle steers itself.

* Optional equipment on some models. Please check with your local Audi dealer.

** The Audi park assistance system is only available on the A3 and S3 models.