Driver information systemwith efficiency program

The display of the driver information system (DIS) brings together a wide range of different information items in the centre of the cockpit and permanently indicates the vehicle’s current operating status. It is intuitively laid out, user-friendly, and allows the driver to stay focused on the road.

The DIS controls comprise two menu selection buttons and a reset button on the windscreen wiper lever to the right of the steering wheel. Depending on equipment specification, the DIS also provides information on the current status of installed components, such as the audio system, phone and navigation system. It offers the following functionalities:

  • Door and luggage compartment open warning
  • Auto Check Control
  • Radio station name or frequency
  • Outside temperature display, including ice warning
  • Speed warning function
  • On-board computer
  • Automatic gearbox selector lever settings
  • Telephone numbers and names from the telephone book (only with phone preparation)
  • Navigation directions (optional)

Auto Check Control continuously checks the brake and light systems, the coolant level and temperature, the oil pressure, the fuel level, the windscreen washer fluid level, the battery voltage and – if the optional tyre pressure monitoring system is fitted – the tyre pressures. Pictograms are displayed to alert the driver to any problems that arise.

The outside temperature is also displayed when the ignition is switched on. At temperatures below +5 °C an ice crystal symbol appears next to the temperature display to indicate the danger of ice on the road.

The DIS speed warning function allows you to store a maximum speed that should not be exceeded. As soon as the vehicle’s speed exceeds the stored maximum by around 10 km/h, the driver is warned of the fact by visual and acoustic signals.

With the integrated on-board computer, you can call up the current fuel economy, fuel range and travelling time as well as average fuel economy and average speed.

If the vehicle is fitted with an automatic gearbox, its current selector lever position is also displayed.