Rear seat bench plus

More variability, greater comfort: the rear seat bench plus enables you to increase the volume of the luggage compartment by simply sliding the rear bench forwards.

The position of the rear seat bench plus can be adjusted lengthways by up to 100 millimetres: depending on your needs, you can maximise comfort for the rear passengers by increasing their knee room or you can enlarge the luggage compartment volume. A load-through hatch allows you to stow bulky objects such as skis. And the rear seats are additionally equipped with a folding central armrest with two drink holders.

Another standard feature of the rear seat bench plus is the manually adjustable backrest, which allows the rear passengers to adjust the backrest angle for improved comfort. The backrest release function allows you to fold down the rear seat bench using a lever in the side trim of the luggage compartment. For even greater variability, the rear backrest can be asymmetrically split (60:40).